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Your Health Plan's

Mental Health Benefits

Self-Care is Necessary

Your mind and body are connected. You deserve care that supports your holistic health — mind, body, and spirit. If you need help with depression, anxiety, addiction, recovery, or other mental or emotional issues that interfere with your daily life, there is good news. If you have health insurance, mental and behavioral health services are essential health benefits that must be covered.

Get the Care You Need & Start Your Path to Wellness
If you are in need of care, you can start your path to treatment today. The sooner you have support, the sooner you can begin to heal. For some health plans, you can make an appointment directly with a mental health care provider, but for others, you may need a referral from your primary care physician or your health plan. Check your insurance company’s website or call the number on your membership card to find out more. Some plans have a behavioral health phone number that you can call directly. Remember, it’s important to ask for help — and help is available for you and your loved ones.

Find out more about the mental health benefits your carrier provides below.

More Resources

Need help finding a mental health provider? Magellan Assist is a tool that can help find the closest mental health provider or facility to you. Note/Disclaimer: You will need to verify that the provider participates with your specific plan prior to entering into care by calling 877-263-9952.


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Insurance Carriers

Find out which health insurance carriers offer coverage through Covered California.

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Using Your Plan

Learn more about your health insurance plan through Covered California.

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Mental Health Resources

Here’s how to access treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.

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