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Supplemental Insurance

Critical Illness


What is Critical Illness?

A critical illness is a serious medical condition that can strike suddenly and disrupt your life physically and financially. Chances are someone close to you has had a critical illness diagnosis such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s, or end-stage renal failure.


Our Critical Illness suite of products was created for people up to age 64 to help with some of the out-of-pocket expenses that can add up during diagnosis and recovery.


Critical Illness Coverage at a Glance

  • Pays up to a $100,000 lump-sum cash benefit on the first diagnosis of a covered critical illness or qualifying event.

  • Benefits paid directly to you -- not your doctor or hospital.

  • Coverage is available for the whole family -- you, your spouse, and your kids.

  • Affordable premiums that do not increase as you get older with coverage starting at $7.28 per month.


How Can Critical Illness Coverage Help Your Family?

Our suite of products offers affordable benefit level options that pay lump-sum cash benefits directly to you. The money can be used to pay unexpected medical costs or everyday living expenses, so you and your family can focus on healing instead of finances.


Use your Cashing Benefits to Cover Out-of-Pocket Costs

With lump-sum cash benefits up to $100,000, you can use them to help cover out-of-pocket costs including:

  • Transportation to and from Treatment Centers

  • Out-of-Network Providers

  • Prescriptions

  • Hotel Stays

  • Experimental Treatments

  • Mortgage Payments

  • Car Payments

  • Utility Bills


Combining Critical Illness coverage with a health insurance plan can provide an extra layer of financial protection to help you feel more comfortable with your insurance coverage.


Critical Illness Coverage + Health Insurance = More Financial Protection

How can I get more information? 

Contact one of our licensed insurance agents today by (800) 650-0922. They will be able to provide you with a brochure and plan recommendations.

Disclaimer: The Hospital Confinement plan, HospitalWise, is administered through The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company and not through Covered California. The benefits listed are not available on all plans and are provided as a summary. Please review the company-specific product brochure for specific plan benefits.This plan should not be used as a substitute for comprehensive health insurance coverage. It is not considered Minimum Essential Coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

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