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Pay Your Premium

Covered California

Pay Your Premium

Congratulations on enrolling in a health insurance plan through Covered California. Now you need to pay your premium for your coverage to start.If you get a bill from your health insurance plan, please follow the instructions on the bill for making a payment. If you have not received a bill, contact your selected plan or make your first payment using the specific information listed below for each company.


Children’s dental coverage is included with your health insurance coverage. You will not receive a separate invoice.

Payment for all health insurance must be made directly to the company. Pay your health insurance company — not Covered California — no later than the payment deadline on the invoice.


Health Insurance Plans

Click on your plan, below, for specific payment options.

Note: If you miss a premium payment and lose your coverage, you will have to wait for the next open-enrollment period or until a qualifying life event occurs to sign up and get coverage again.

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