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Covered California

All Covered California and Medi-Cal Plans Offering Telehealth Options


All health plans offered through Covered California and by Medi-Cal provide telehealth options for enrollees, giving individuals the ability to connect with a health care professional by phone or video without having to personally visit a doctor’s office or hospital. virtual care integrates video, phone, email and messaging into a person's healthcare. With a telehealth option, patients might not have to take off work, find a babysitter and drive to an appointment.


Telemedicine visits can help you with many of the things you’d see an in-person primary care physician for, just over the phone or through video chat. Virtual providers—Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians’ Assistants —can treat many things ranging from colds to many types of aches and pains, and they can also refer you to in-person care as needed.



When to consider using telehealth


Ever wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat but decided to wait until morning to call your doctor, only to find that your symptoms have worsened? With telehealth services, you can promptly get care and have your questions answered without having to wait for an increase in illness or discomfort.

This is especially important if you think you may be experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. A virtual visit can help you determine if your condition is indicative of the virus without having to go out in public and risk transmission.

In short, telehealth services are a good alternative when you have mild, non-emergency symptoms or non-urgent requests.


Together We Can Get You Covered

We are open all year round in-person or over-the-phone. If you have a question or need to make changes mid-year, we are here to help. Our mission is to help you secure insurance coverage to protect against life’s unknowns. We do so by helping you find a plan that best fits your needs and walking you through how your plan works to make insurance simple. Call us today at (800) 650-0922.

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